"I recently went to Eliza Kerr because my energy had plateaued and my body felt toxic. I followed her customized Ayurvedic cleanse, meditation and yoga regimentation for three weeks and my life is completely altered. My motivation and creativity have boosted to all-time highs. I shed fifteen unnecessary pounds. My thoughts are sharper and my body feels light and youthful. I’m more connected, vital and full of hope than I can ever remember."
DEAN POTTER Guided Home Cleanse client
Artist-climber-innovator, Yosemite Valley

"Every session with Eliza is enlightening; each time I come away with a better understanding of my health and its relationship to certain aspects of my environment and daily routines."
Business Director and Yoga Instructor, 
El Portal

"Eliza is a wonderful, adventurous, strong and inspiring woman.  And very beautiful.  Her hands are healing and the heart loving.  I loved letting her take care of me and trusting her way."

Gardener, Czech Republic

"I felt like a sinking ship. The asthma I had been dealing with was no longer manageable except with the use of an inhaler. Eliza introduced me to the Ayurveda philosophy and history in a very understandable way. Her recommendations were all achievable changes I could make in my life.  These initial changes gave me my life back.  My asthma was minimal after only a week of practicing a new diet and routine. A year later, I completed Pancha Karma feeling free and clear of the asthma and other ailments I had been feeling but ignoring. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of Eliza’s expertise and gift she offers to all searching for a path to health and balance in their lives."

Accountant and Musician, El Portal

"Experiencing panchakarma with Eliza in El Portal was a total escape and recharge. Eliza shows you how to nurture yourself and helps instill routines that stick. The serenity of El Portal and the surrounding Yosemite area was the perfect environment to relax, reflect and renew. Eliza was incredibly intuitive to my needs, emotions and comfort. All the custom treatments, yoga, meditation and nutritious meals  were just the thing I needed to move into spring feeling strong, confident and cleansed. I have continued many of the routines I learned in panchakarma in my daily life and it has made me a more calm and contemplative person. Going through panchakarma was also my catalyst for quitting caffeine and just that alone has changed my life for the better. I look forward to going through this process again next year with Eliza and for many many years to come."
NICKI BLUHM PK residential client 

Musician, San Francisco

"Learning about Ayurveda through Eliza has provided me with daily
practices to address lifelong ailments that I have not been able to
heal through western medicine.   I am much more confident in teaching
healthy choices and making informed medical decisions for my family."
Eliza is a very approachable and professional practitioner."
Annie Overlin,
Truckee, CA

“There’s nothing more over-rated than good sex and more under-rated than a good bowel movement.”

“After consulting with Eliza and learning more about Ayurveda, I realized I would benefit greatly from the rejuvenation therapy (Panchakarma), a 2 week treatment of detoxifying and balancing.  I recommend Panchakarma at least once a year.  I commend Eliza on her knowledge, compassion, professionalism and support.”
Rosemary MacCallum,
El Portal, CA

“Eliza has inspired my Yoga practice for more than a decade. Even when I moved away from El Portal, her teachings continued to inspire me to practice. I am so thankful for her motivation, not just with yoga and Ayurveda, but for life in general. Such a gift.”
David Jaffe,
El Portal, CA

“Eliza is one of those people who practices what she teaches.  Seeing her health and beauty and being in her gentle kind presence are inspirations to everyone she meets.  Having Eliza as a teacher and support on this journey of becoming a more fully actualized and inspired human being has been of great personal benefit to me.  Eliza's teachings will be a great asset to any community or individual she works with.“
Eryn Bordes,
El Portal, CA