What’s Your Dosha

What’s Your Dosha

It is helpful to understand our health tendencies so that we know what preventative diet, lifestyle and herbs are recommended for optimum health.  Tally up your preferences in the columns below to determine your primary and secondary dosha.  Some people may be tri-doshic (have an equal count from all three columns).  If you choose to schedule a consultation, I will be able to assess your constitution more accurately with a questionnaire and a pulse examination.


Vata is like wind.  The qualities of Vata are cold, dry, light, mobile and erratic. It is the force behind all movement.  The seat of Vata is the colon and it governs the nervous system.

If your dominant dosha is Vata you have a lean body structure and you like to be active.  You are creative and talkative and can tend towards irregularity with eating and sleeping habits.  If Vata is out of balance, you can tend towards constipation, spaciness and more aches & pains.  You might feel anxious and fearful.  Imbalances associated with Vata primarily are arthritis, brittle bones, asthma, gas, pain, accidents, Alzheimer's.


Pitta is like fire.  The qualities of Pitta are hot, sharp, light, oily.  It is the force behind transformation, including digestion.

If your dominant nature is Pitta you enjoy intellectual stimulation and you have strong will power.  You have strong hunger and need to eat promptly and regularly.  If Pitta is out of balance, you can be angry and irritable and have acid indigestion or loose bowels. Imbalances associated with Pitta primarily are skin rashes, heart, blood and liver problems, acid indigestion.


Kapha is like earth. The qualities of Kapha are cool, moist, stable, heavy and dense. It is the force of solidification.

If your dominant dosha is Kapha you have a sturdy body and are slower to move and talk.  You can eat less, don’t like change, can be sedentary and are compassionate.  If Kapha is out of balance, you can struggle with attachment and feel “stuck” to the point of depression. Imbalances associated with Kapha are: obesity, depression, tumors, cysts, asthma, diabetes.

Attribute “X” Kapha “X” Pitta “X” Vata
Body structure   Sturdy, solid, easy to put on weight   Moderate, defined muscles   Slim, very tall or short, wiry
Appetite   Low   Strong and urgent   Variable
Digestion   Slow, smaller portions   Strong hunger   Gassy, variable
Sleep   Long and heavy   Moderate, 7-8 hours, sound   Light, less
Evacuation   Regular, sluggish, tends toward constipation   With ease, 1-2 times/day, tends towards diarrhea   Irregular, tends towards constipation
Energy   Slow, steady   High, passionate, may burn out   Irregular
Project style   Slow and complete, may procrastinate   Organized, ambitious, complete   Easy to start, creative, lots at once, incomplete
Emotions   Compassionate, may tend towards attachment   Passionate, may tend towards anger and jealousy   Uplifting, may tend toward anxiety and worry
Total   Kapha   Pitta   Vata