People and Places

People and Places

Balanced Rock

A Yosemite based non-profit providing yoga, backpacking and mindfulness courses

Pure Training Studio

A Mariposa based fitness club

Jack Caraco

A Bootjack based acupuncturist and one of my personal heros
(209) 742-4211

Heather Sullivan

An El Portal based Shiatsu massage therapist.

Dr. Linda Ottemoeller

A Merced- based gynecologist, recommended to me by a friend
(209) 383-7575

Michalene Seiler

A Bootjack-based homeopath

Penny Otwell

A local artist who created and generously shared the painting featured on this website entitled “Cranes and Flowers Fly Over the Canyon”

California Vipassana Center

A Northfork based meditation center

Lotus Ayurveda

A Santa Cruz-based Ayurveda practice, specializing in Pancha Karma, also offering weekend courses in Ayurveda and massage

Banyan Botanicals

An excellent source for organic herbs, spices and oils

Herbs of Ayurveda

A mail order herb company specializing in custom herbal formulas, abhyanga oil and other Ayurvedic products
(530) 273 1103

Blue Oak Ayurveda
(209) 617-1945

Mount Madonna Institute

A retreat center near Santa Cruz which offers courses in yoga and Ayurveda, and a masters degrees in Ayurveda

John Doulliard at Life Spa

A Boulder, CO based Ayurvedic practitioner.  His website provides Ayurvedic remedies for many imbalances.

Richard Freeman

A Boulder, CO based yoga guru.  His website offers great podcasts on yoga philosophy under the “library” tab.